Here We Go…

I know.

Everyone and their mother has a food blog. Or a food collective. Or some sort of food-related writing thing where they compile all sorts of recipes and awesome things into one place.

Sorry guys, this isn’t going to be any different.

Honestly, I’m not really going for different. I’m not going for big. I’m not looking for a book deal (although, if anyone, at any point, wants to publish anything here, I’ll gladly hand everything over for the low price of paying off my student loans). I’m not looking for a million people to read and post hundreds of comments. I’m not looking for pins on Pinterest or praise or anything.

What I am looking for is a sort of food self-improvement.

Yes, that is doable without a blog. But having someplace to write my failures and successes down, having an open forum for suggestions and helpful comments, and having some sort of outlet for all of the shit that goes down in my kitchen seems like a good idea. A lab notebook of cooking, if you will.

I am a scientist by trade–a chemist to be exact–so lab notebooks are pretty much second nature. Documentation is key in science. Cooking is a science. So why shouldn’t a lab notebook (kitchen notebook?) be key in cooking? Up until now, that is what I found to be daunting about cooking. There are all of these recipes. I am bad at writing things down. How am I going to remember what worked and what didn’t? How am I going to reproduce this exactly?

This lab notebook idea evolved along with the idea that, as a scientist, I feel like I am responsible for knowing how cooking works, baking especially. I should know what is going on inside of that bowl. I should know why certain ingredients work together, or why you add baking soda, or why over-mixing ingredients can have one effect or another. But I didn’t know this. I didn’t know this until I started doing some hefty (science-based) research on my (long) commutes to and from work. I also came across Punk Domestics, which blew my mind. Now I want to make EVERYTHING from scratch.

It’ll probably take a while for this blog to evolve into what I think it could be. I have a list of ideas a mile long, but I often have a hard time with the follow-through. Maybe I’ll start with my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I worked tirelessly to find one that I thought to be almost perfect. But it isn’t perfect. It needs some work. Some experimentation. Some science.

I’ll be back.